11th Herbstakademie
Ascona / Monte Verità, October 18th - 21th, 2003
Andy CLARK Bloomington (USA)
Dynamics and De-Coupled Representation: Balancing Words, Tools and Inner State
Michael MASCOLO North Andover (USA)
Open Constraints: Varieties of Scaffolding in the Emergence of Higher-Order Action
Wayne CHRISTENSEN Vienna (A)
Self-Directedness, Integration and the Foundations of High Order Cognition
Rolf PFEIFER Zürich (CH)
The Dynamics of Embodiment in the Emergence of Cognition
Gabriel GOMEZ Zürich (CH)
Simulating Development in Real Robots
Roul Sebastian JOHN Osnabrück (D)
EROSAL - An Empirical Robot Study on Animal Learning
Jürgen KRIZ Osnabrück (D)
Imagination - The Teleological Principle of Attractors in Psychotherapy and Human Activities
Tony PRESCOTT Sheffield (UK)
Stability and Variability in Young Childrens' Drawings of the Human Figure
Wolfgang TSCHACHER Bern (CH)
Self-Organizing Systems Show Apparent Intentionality
Rafael NUNEZ San Diego (USA)
Mind, Motion, and Abstraction: The Embodied Cognitive Foundations of Mathematics
Annette HOHENBERGER Frankfurt (D)
The Emergence of Linguistic Structure through Language Processing and Acquisition

Hamburg (D)
The Dynamics of Grammatical Case Marking

Kerstin SANDER
Magdeburg (D)
Emotional Preexperience Influences Semantic Specificity of Human Amygdala Activation - An fMRI Study
Annemarie PELTZER-KARPF Graz (A)
The Interplay of Non-Linear Processes in Early Language Development

Budapest/Amsterdam (HUN/NL)
Nonlinear Complexity Analysis of the EEG and Cognitive Evoked Potentials in Stroce and Vascular Dementia

Steve BOKER Notre Dame (USA)
Latent Differential Equations Applied to Dynamical Systems Models of Behavior
Mark BICKHARD Bethlehem (USA)
The Emergence of Intensionality in Vertain Far-from-Equilibrium Systems
Harald ATMANSPACHER Freiburg (D)
Acategorical Mental States
Hans DIEBNER Karlsruhe (D)
A Model of how Brains Model the World
Karl GRAMMER Vienna (A)
Dynamic Systems and Inferential Information Processing in Human Communication
Juval PORTUGALI Tel Aviv (ISR)
Cognitive Maps and Order Parameters: What can they tell about each other?
Luc CIOMPI Lausanne (CH)
Dynamic Effects of Emotions in Social Stability and Creativity According to the Theory of Fractal Affect-Logic
Peter UHLHAAS Frankfurt (D)
Gestalt Perception in Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders
Günter SCHIEPEK München (D)
Emotions, Cognitions, and the Self-Organizing Brain

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