Herbstakademie Wildbad Kreuth 2007 (13.8.07/Tsch)


Hermann HAKEN Stuttgart (D)

A Synergetic Approach to Neurodynamics: From Microscopic to Macroscopic Views

After a brief reminder of basic concepts of Synergetics, such as order parameters and the slaving principle, I start from a microscopic model of a neural net. The basic variables are dendritic currents as well as axonal pulses described by the light house model. The
couplings between the neurons will be discussed.
In the spirit of Synergetics, the equations will be transformed to those of order parameters that act as macroscopic variables and allow us to make contact with mental descriptions. A saturation of attention is taken into account and the concept of quasi-attractors will be discussed. As a consequence, we may or must speak of an extended present.

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